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Statement of Angler Experience

In response to: “Opportunity to take part in the electronic tagging of Atlantic bluefin tuna as part of the Thunnus UK project”

1. Please select a statement that best describes your experience in fishing for large pelagic fish....

2. How many trips targeting large pelagic fish do you do per year?

3. Has your past experience been on a catch or catch and release basis?

4. Have you actively fished for large pelagic fish in the past two years?

5. Please list the countries you have targeted large pelagic fish in.....

6. Please list by species the weights and numbers of hooked and landed for large pelagic fish you have caught...

8. Please state the gear configurations you have experience with (e.g. rods, reels and terminal tackle)

10. How do you typically reel-in large pelagic fish?

7. Please list by species your average and range of fight times for large pelagic fish you have caught.....

9. Please state the vessel types and sizes you have experience with (e.g. single hull, catamaran or center console)

11. Do you have experience with trolling?

14. Please state any other information that you think reflects your experience in fishing for large pelagic fish.

Please upload any pictures, documents or videos that reflect your experience in fishing for large pelagic fish (files will not be passed on to any third party).

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Thunnus UK will not share any of the information provided with any third party (aside from Volunteer Vessel skippers), but your data may be kept on record to aid with future recreational sea angler involvement in scientific tagging programmes. 

I am happy with this statement

Before submitting your response (button at the bottom of the page), please familiarise yourself with the Volunteer Fishing Vessel Code of Conduct. In particular point 15, which relates to the responsibility of skippers, crew and RSAs in maintaining the highest levels of welfare possible for hooked Atlantic bluefin tuna.

Code of Conduct for Volunteer Vessels We
Code of Conduct for Volunteer Vessels We

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